Wellness Takes Preparation

"Growth is not steady, forward, upward progression. It is instead a switchback trail: three steps forward, two back, one around the bushes, and a few simply standing, before another forward leap."

  • Dorothy Corkville Briggs
  • Wellness is a choice you make to move toward optimal health.
  • Wellness is s way of life, a lifestyle you design to achieve your highest potential for wellbeing.
  • Wellness is achieved by constant attention of your needs through times of injury, recovery and health.
  • Wellness is a journey that we hope to accompany you in.

At Bauer PT we treat the whole person. Do you have a vision of wellness in your mind? Can you see yourself at your best? We can assist you in reaching those personal goals. How do you get from today to that vision? We have personal Well Coaches that will help you on the road to your ideal self.

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What is a Wellness Coach?

Wellness coaches are trained to help clients develop and implement personal wellness plans. Through thoughtful assessment and inquiry, collaborative problem solving and goal-setting, and safe, open, and honest dialogue, coaches help their clients become clearer on where they are, where they want to go, and how to get there.

Our coaches provide instruction and mentoring to their clients, and help them set goals, define an action plan, and navigate the path until they reach their goals. Coaches facilitate learning and help clients put the learning into action.

Wellcoaching- 1st session 1 hour - $65,
Follow up sessions ½ hour $35/ hour

A collaborative process where we work with you to co-create a new balanced you. We meet one on one to build on your strengths and improve your wellness in all areas. Sessions are conducted in person or on the phone. Together we will:

  • Define Goals
  • Learn the process of change
  • Learn strategies to manage stress
  • Design your personal workout
  • Manage food intake

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